Saturday, October 10, 2009

This Is It Snippet Leaks!

 A 43 second snippet to Michael Jackson's new song(not sure if it'll be a single as Sony's giving us the run-a-round) This Is It! has leaked onto the internet! It appears to be from the 1980's during the Thriller Era. Though a(currently unleaked) new version does exist and will be unveiled on Columbus Day! Either this snippet is The Orchestra version, Sony is ripping us off by stamping the concert title onto a demo, or there are three known versions to this song(i.e. 1981-This Is It!, New Orchestra Version, and new Pop Ballad).

 In 1980, Michael Jackson exclusively wrote and co-produced(with Paul Anka) This Is It. Originally slatted for The Jacksons Triumph Album. But was cut for unknown reasons. Later, Michael would submit it to Safire in 1991 for her album "I Wasn't Born Yesterday". She changed the title to "I Never Heard".

 Judging by the clip, the lyrics are a bit different from her take. Stay tuned for the new version on Monday-Columbus Day!

This is it
Here I stand
I'm the light of the world
I feel grand

Life is love
I can feel
and I know
yes for sure
it is real

and it feel as though
I've seen your face a thousand times
and you said you really know me
and I know that you were gonna(clip ends)

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