Autopsy Report Leaked!

 Well, it appears Michael Jackson wasn't the addict many put him out to be. According to the latest autopsy report, Jackson was fit as a fiddle and ready to take the world by storm! This matches the testimony of those closest to the pop-star. You've reiterated Michael's zeal that one final night.

 Now he most certainly had a few ailments(non of which were life-threatening). Chronically Inflamed Lungs-Possibly mistaken for a narrow nasal(Michael's complained of breathing problems throughout his adult life). Slight plaque build-up in his legs(varicose veins). Slight arthritis on lower back and fingers(mostly back trouble).

 They've even found some scars from the Pepsi Incident and from plastic surgery(though nothing hideous as the tabs would have us believe). Many fresh puncture wounds were fond on the singers arms(from that fateful night). Other then Propophol and tree Benzodizapines, no other drugs(legal, illegal, or over-the-counter) were found flowing through his vains. Dr. Conrad Murry mixed Lipozine with the anesthetic and the ambulance shot a stimulant directly into MJ's heart to get it started(in all, that makes 5 substances).

 Whatever these new findings uncover, it proves Dr. Murry's claims are unsubstantiated, misinterpreted, or both. Source

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