This Is It Single

 Just when you thought it couldn't get any better! Sony has just officially announced a new Michael Jackson single to hit the shelves on October 12th(2009)-"This Is It!" will be launched to coincide with it's eponymous soundtrack and film[Edit: Well, Sony has misled the public once again. It's only a radio promo and an old rough draft at that].


What's More???

 The soundtrack will be a double disc set. The first CD will have his original master recordings. With two versions of the song-"This Is It!" Disc two will contain alternate versions of his greatest hits(remember, there are currently 91 takes to Billie Jean-According to Bruce Sweden)[Edit: Good ol Sony has lied yet again. There's one alternate take and two demos]. Together, this soundtrack will be released the day before the film opens(Oct. 28th). International fans will get it a day early(the 26th)!

No Live Album?

 Now I know what your thinking..."Another one milks the cow". But before we swiftly pass judgment, the DVD/Blue-Ray(set to be released after the limited 2-week cinema showing) has been confirmed to contain raw live performances as extra bonus footage(I mentioned it on my Last Post)! And besides, they'll probably release a live album just in time for the holiday season(hopefully).

 Regardless, I am so happy for a new Michael Jackson single! Could this be the dawning of a new studio album? Maybe...Stay tuned!

Update***Well well...The god's of Sony have spoken! "This Is It" will not be a single(physical nor digital). But a mere radio leak. What's more? It turns out not to be a recent track(but one dusted off from the vault 29 years ago)! For Sony to come this far in misleading the public, it's time to clean out your music department boys(that is Sony's Music Branch)!

O...I bet MJ's Estate can't wait for January 1st, 2011!

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