Monday, September 14, 2009

This Is It To Premier 10/28/09

 A motion picture behind-the-scenes documentary is poised to come to a theater near you! For two weeks(Oct. 28th-Nov. 10th), you will be able to look at every angle and see every detail of Michael Jackson orchestrating his dream. Even up to the last minute-Moments before the pop star perished.

 The videos content includes parts of the memorial and private funeral. Some live performances by The King of Pop. And a personal touch into the mind of Jackson as he rehearses, warms up, hires, couches, and explains in candid detail of what he wants to come to fruition(in interview and day to day sequence).

 A blue ray/DVD is set to launch just in time for Christmas! Not only will the video contain the whole theatrical material, but also up to two hours of live raw performances of Michael Jackson and his crew! Including warm-ups, rehearsals, and candid vocal sessions of Michael himself. That's not all!

 A live studio soundtrack will be released to coincide with the film. Containing all his greatest-hits(plus a live version of a new song). According to John Branca, a new single should pop up around the same period. I'm not sure if the single is to promote the live album or is a sign of things to come(a new studio album).

 Stay tuned for the latest on this developing story. In the meantime, be sure to sign-up and be the first to purchase tickets on Sep. 27. Watch the official trailer below!

[Update! The movie soundtrack will not be a live album but a double set filled with his greatest-hits(not again). Including alternate mixes(to songs from the first disc), the original 1980 "This Is It"(sad to say this wasn't a new song with an official single release. Sony has once again jibed us), and a spoken-poem with never seen before photos of Michael Jackson.

 Frankly, I hope the estate finds a new label...Fast! Otherwise, enjoy the trailer]

***Update***The first 3,000 who purchase tickets(starting September, 27th) will be able to watch it a day early(Oct. 27th) and receive a This Is It! souvenir(collectors idem)! Details below...

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