Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did Michael Jackson Record "The Fields of Athenry"?

 Well according to Quirky news, yes! After he parted ways with Prince Adullah of Bahrain, Michael Jackson lived in the outskirts of Ireland in 2006. While there, he recorded numerous songs alone and with many artists.

 One of these collaborators(either officially or not) is a village choir from Caherraggin. One morning Michael was working in his private studio when he heard an Irish Choir warming up with "The Fields of Athenry". He was so intrigued by the rich storyline, Mr. Jackson felt compelled to introduce himself and sample the music. He sang along with the choir and sounded amazing!

 Although it was never meant to etched in stone, somebody from the back recorded the session in it's entirety. Just recently, the choir secretary found an orphan tape on the event in perfect quality and ready for release(save for a few tweaks here or there). The members of the choir felt privileged and ecstatic to be in the singers presence.

 Out of shear respect for the recently deceased singer, The Irish Choir has vowed to keep a lid on this rare recording until the promotion of This Is It is all said and done.

 The song was written by Pete St. John in the 70's. About an Irish peasant convicted of stealing during the hungry forties(1840's). When a big potato famine stuck the land hard.

The song has been recorded by numerous artists to this day.


P.S.You may have noticed the Songs Michael Jackson Wrote series is missing. Well, I just found out it was against BMI's TOS to copy their list of songs. So to be safe, I've decided to cancel the mini-series(smile).

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