This Is It Proves Michael Jackson's Still Got It!

 Contrary to all the naysayers, Michael Jackson was full of vigor and enthusiasm! Ready to take on the world head-strong. Thriller-strong! Infusing the jolt the music industry has lacked for so long.

 This Is It! will blow you off your socks! With plenty of live raw singing accompanied by a top-notch band! You will get a first-person perspective on the creative process that drove Michael to orchestrate this venue. As promised by Randy Phillips, there are all-new sequences to the hits we've come to love. Smooth Criminal even has a little humor added in there.

nbsp;Most of his songs are performed live(no edits nor lip-syncs). The only exception would be Thriller(unless he can still sing exactly like he did in 1982).

 Although I was a bit disappointed on the live performance of Earth Song(no powerful ab libs), I tremendously enjoyed getting a rare glimpse into the mind of Michael Jackson! Yes, his dance moves(at times) seemed less then ideal. But you gotta remember. These are just rehearsals. Besides, there are plenty of outtake footage to decipher come DVD/Blue Ray time! I hope they got footage of him performing the new dance move(and no, it ain't the penguin lol)!

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