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Alleged Hit And Run By Michael Jackson

Just this past Wednesday(while Michael Jackson stopped to get a routine check-up), a paramedic(Jamin Mauro) has claimed a severe whiplash from an alleged hit-and-run by an SUV Cadillac. The driver is said to be hired by Mr. Jackson. Of whom turned himself in but was subsequently released over lack of evidence. Initially, Jamin(the Paramedic driver) claimed a minor hit-and-run.

But now the story has been spiced-up by and smashed rear-view mirror and a dislocated neck, arm, and shoulder-blade collectively known as a whip-lash. Yet police have confirmed "There were no injuries reported." Furthermore, the Paparazzi saw no such damages except a perfectly operating ambulance van a few minutes after the SUV was parked, just waiting for the King of Pop. What's more? the paramedic had plenty of time to speak directly at the driver but made no such attempts except to sit idly behind MJ's SUV.

Here is a perspective from the Paparazzi.

Let's hear what Jamin Mauro has to say …

What's The Scoop On Michael Jackson's New Album?

So far only a new single has been confirmed from singer Michael Jackson's concert promoter Randy Phillips. President of AEG live. The company behind the 02 Arena. Although the album itself has not been announced, one can only infer a launching in the Fall(if everything goes as planned).

It appears Michael is blending the old with the new. Three notable figures that together with John Robinson(who's confirmed as not collaborating) formed what we loved most about Michael Jackson-His 80's vibe! According to various sources, Frank Delio(his manager from 84-89) has been seriously considering getting back together with MJ. Quincy Jones although hesitant at first, is confirmed working with the superstar by Carlos Santana. Word has just gotten out last Summer that John Landis is producing a new short film with The Gloved One(though a recent lawsuit kinda makes you wonder).

Now for the new shots, he has been working with the likes of Teddy Riley, Rodney Jerkins, Steve Pageot, Giorg…

Giorgio Tuinfort Reveals Himself As Michael Jackson's New Producer

Well, it appears Giorgio Tuinfort has revealed himself as Michael Jackson's producer. Working on his brand new studio album set to be released later this year(though no date has been officially determined). Right now, Mr. Jackson is making a few finishing touches on this work of art with the Dutch producer.

Earlier, AEG confirmed that there will be new material at the gigs and even a single debut before kicking it all off on July 8th. Tuinfort pretty much confirmed what Philip has said about Michael's comeback. So let's here what the Dutchman has to say about the whole studio project. "It is one of(as opposed to the) his(Michael Jackson's) last albums, so we work with extra care and precision. It is not yet clear when the album is released. But we are definitely part of the team. We do our best to make something special out of it. Michael Jackson is a very gentle man. He is everything that you don't expect from a superstar."

Giorgio Tuinfort is the produ…

"This Is It " Auditions

In the past few weeks, Michael Jackson has been seen in and around a dance studio at L.A. What were originally thought warm-ups, turned out to actually be a number of choreographers auditioning for a spot on The King of Pop's "This Is It" residential tour! Only a few lucky souls will make it on stage with Mr. Jackson. So far it appears, 8 finalists have been chosen! You can read all about their experiences down below. Personally, I have a feeling Victoria will get in.:)

Danny Davalos

Mr. Mark Samuels


Charamon Anjaya

Victoria's Tweets

The Twins

Will Akon Open For Michael Jackson?

Well according to, DJ Benny has announced a possible opening spot for Akon during the month of July. Now a lot could happen between now and then. But on Benny D's official site, there's a calender of where Akon will be touring. Just recently, July has been posted with this description..."Entire month open for Michael Jackson."-Including a U.K. flag stamped to the side. Which could mean anything for the hottest month of the year. But it appears they are in talks at the moment as nothings been absolutely confirmed per se. I'll let you know how this unfolds in the coming days.

My Feelings
Although I'm by no means an Akon fan, I did appreciate the number they did together last July. called "Hold My Hand". Unlike his take on "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'", I really thought they sounded great harmonizing as a team. I just sure hope Akon does his best and doesn't come up with the line "nobody can top MJ" as an excuse …

Teddy Riley Talks About MJ's Album "Dangerous"

Michael Jackson had just launched the best selling New Jack Swing album of all time! The year was 1992 and anticipation had driven the largest viewing audience of all time for "Black Or White". 5 years had already passed since the King of Pop released his last studio album "Bad" in 1987. Yet a lot has happened within those gaps.

Mr. Jackson bid farewell to Q in favor of the more industrial sounds of New Jack Swing producer Teddy Riley. Whom he first met on the set of "2300 Jackson Street". The last Jackson's studio album which led them to break up eventually. The singer was said to be so impressed that he invited him to recording sessions for an upcoming album(then just a rumor). This is also when Michael was introduced to Hip-Hop for the first time.

So after the album and all subsequent singles were released, Riley agreed to get interviewed by Keyboard Magazine on his many ventures. Including his crowning work with Michael Jackson which I have except…