Saturday, April 18, 2009

Giorgio Tuinfort Reveals Himself As Michael Jackson's New Producer

Giorgio Tuinfort as Michael Jackson's new producer

Well, it appears Giorgio Tuinfort has revealed himself as Michael Jackson's producer. Working on his brand new studio album set to be released later this year(though no date has been officially determined). Right now, Mr. Jackson is making a few finishing touches on this work of art with the Dutch producer.

Earlier, AEG confirmed that there will be new material at the gigs and even a single debut before kicking it all off on July 8th. Tuinfort pretty much confirmed what Philip has said about Michael's comeback. So let's here what the Dutchman has to say about the whole studio project.
"It is one of(as opposed to the) his(Michael Jackson's) last albums, so we work with extra care and precision. It is not yet clear when the album is released. But we are definitely part of the team. We do our best to make something special out of it. Michael Jackson is a very gentle man. He is everything that you don't expect from a superstar."

Giorgio Tuinfort is the producer from Denmark and was born in Suriname. The smallest country in South America. He was behind the production of Gwen Stefanie's The Sweet Escape. Her debut single for the album by that same name in 2006. He has also recently done work with Lionel Richie and Akon. Gio did have some influence on "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008". Though I firmly believe more so on the demo. If "The Sweet Escape" is of any indication, I think Michael Jackson has made a smart move!

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