Monday, April 27, 2009

Alleged Hit And Run By Michael Jackson

Just this past Wednesday(while Michael Jackson stopped to get a routine check-up), a paramedic(Jamin Mauro) has claimed a severe whiplash from an alleged hit-and-run by an SUV Cadillac. The driver is said to be hired by Mr. Jackson. Of whom turned himself in but was subsequently released over lack of evidence. Initially, Jamin(the Paramedic driver) claimed a minor hit-and-run.

But now the story has been spiced-up by and smashed rear-view mirror and a dislocated neck, arm, and shoulder-blade collectively known as a whip-lash. Yet police have confirmed "There were no injuries reported." Furthermore, the Paparazzi saw no such damages except a perfectly operating ambulance van a few minutes after the SUV was parked, just waiting for the King of Pop. What's more? the paramedic had plenty of time to speak directly at the driver but made no such attempts except to sit idly behind MJ's SUV.

Here is a perspective from the Paparazzi.

Let's hear what Jamin Mauro has to say himself. Click Here.

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