Michael Jackson Is Back In Action!

Attention fellow MJ fans! The days of twittling your thumbs, wondering if he'll ever return to the spotlight are over! Just yesterday, AEG(the folks behind the O2 Arena) have just confirmed Michael is set to make an announcement tomorrow(approximately 4 P.M Greenwich Standard Time) on his many plans this Summer(including a 30-concert gig). This meeting will be executed in a conference setting which includes 200 lucky fans on a first come first served bases. But not to worry. There's plenty of room on the outskirts! Mr. Jackson has already landed Tuesday afternoon in anticipation for the event.

Source:Music Gross

Does This Mean The King of Pop Will Reveal His New Album This Summer?
Michael Jackson insists on keeping his album anonymous for now. But with fulminate promulgations like these, it is safe to infer a new studio album will surface real soon. No doubt June or July(name one celebrity who went on tour without releasing new material and I'll change my predictions accordingly).

Just hang on to the edge of your seat. Unlike last time, I firmly believe his comeback will be astronomical! Christian has just confirmed finishing his new uniform(Click Here). I'm sure he'll mount new records. After all, that is his middle name.

So to bring all this into perspective, here are the points I'd like to emphasize...

  • An official message will come from Michael's lips tomorrow(stay tuned)
  • A 30-concert gig is in the makings this Summer(which draws us to our last conclusion)
  • Although no title or release date have been confirmed, the above bullets point unto a Summer release.
Your patients has now been awarded. It's now time for the media to wipe the smirk of their faces and inaugurate the dawn of a new era! It's official! Michael Jackson is back in action! Please stand by!

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