Monday, February 23, 2009

Yet Another collaborator-Stargate

About a month ago, an insider who's also an active member of let the cat out of the bag on yet more potential candidates for the new album. The tracks have not been identified.

However, two men from the Norwegian backwoods have been in talks with Michael Jackson. Together, they form a composition duo by the name Stargate(not the series). Today's R&B mascots owe their success to these two fellas. Particularly Beyonce, Ne-yo, Akon and shakira.

The way I feel, Michael is window-shopping for for new sounds and is willing to go even to the ends of the Earth. If that will get him what he's looking for. You see, Mr. Jackson has plenty of creative juice reservoirs to tap into for inspiration. All he's searching for are spices to ice up the cake.

You may think Michael Jackson is out of his mind. But remember.

1. These tracks may wind up as outtakes.

2. His remixes don't reflect his albums since someone else(usually a prominent artist or DJ) does the mixing.

3. What were feared bad collaborations in the past turned out to be wonderful edgy street sounds(e.g. "2 Bad").

[*Update*-Stargate has confirmed he did not get a chance to work on MJ's new album and likely will not since the unexpected tragic death of Michael Jackson.]

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