Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is Mr. Jackson Really Getting "Eatin' Alive"?

Recently, there have been sensational claims heralding Singer Michael Jackson with a rare flesh-eating super bug! The report goes on to say his poor hygienic Plastic Surgeon is to blame. However, let's take a closer look from where this paper get's it's sources.

The story was done by non other then a journalist by the name of Rodger Friedman of If that doesn't ring a bell, "The Sun"(A U.K. based tabloid agency) is where he get's these sources from. In this case, they(The Sun) obtained this juicy tidbit from(dare I say) Ian Halperin. Yep, the same fella not too long ago tried to sell a peeling Moonwalker on a wheel chair(complete with a long infection and a rare genetic disorder).

This time around, he's obtained photos of Michael leaving a medical center in Beverly Hills. With a face mask and inflammatory skin. While conveniently leaving out an important factor-Vitiligo(a progressive discoloring of the skin). Many patients who get treated with PUVA commonly complain of red irritation which usually goes away after a few days. His hands have just been photoshoped by the paparazzi to exaggerate the issue. Besides, their unable to treat the skin under the nails(that's why they appear so dirty). Let me just close with a little snippet from MJJ Repository...

"Ian Halperin makes Roger Friedman, National Enquirer, and The Sun look like respectable journalists by comparison."(emphasis added)

"According to his many claims, Michael Jackson now suffers from the following:

  • Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (a very rare genetic disease only common in Caucasians)
  • Chronic gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Severe emphysema
  • 95% blind in his left eye
  • Mute (cannot speak; all recent videos of Michael talking are an illusion)
  • 'Another' lung disease in addition to the previous one; needs transplant but too weak
  • Serious back and leg pain, almost always in bed and unable to get out
  • Extreme frailty (95 pounds or less)
  • On his final days, preparing his will, and so forth
  • Severe MRSA-style staph infection from nose operation (flesh eating disease, requires IV) (emphasis added).
So is Michael in desperate need of an IV drip? the answer is a resounding no. As his latest photo clearly demonstrates below. May Ian Halperin's little tale rest in peace.

Singer Michael Jackson as healthy as ever!


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