Thursday, March 05, 2009

Is This Really It?

It has come to my attention that many fans are writing Michael Jackson's speech as a farewell for retirement. Forgetting how poised and confident he appeared. Yes, the words "Final" and "this is it" fell from his lips a couple of dozen times. But you can be assured of one thing. This is the oldest trick in the book to get more sales at the box office! As a matter of fact, Ringo Star pull his own stunt not too long ago(remember the line "No more e-mails"). The next day, his website traffic went through the roof!

During the last show concluding the second leg of the "Bad Tour", Michael emphatically proclaimed there was gonna be no more tours. Yet look what happened. Fans were treated with a Dangerous Album and History Album tour(An Invincible tour was planned but got pulled at the last moment). Heck, Frank Dileo(his most trusted former manager) told the press he was ditching music to pursue Hollywood.

All I'm saying is to not jump down Michael's throat. Wait for the dust to settle before coming to your own conclusions. Perhaps "This is it" should rather be interpreted as "I'm back to call the shots"! The only thing he was not assure of was AEG's marketing ploy. Come on...It's Michael Jackson! The guy doesn't need a sales pitch. He sells himself!

*Update*-Here's what A.G. Phillips has to say on the widespread alarm over the so-called concert title "This Is It"...

"While many fans expressed concerns today over Michael Jackson's remarks that "This Is It!" as far as performances in London go, Randy Phillips of AEG Live confirmed to the media that this is likely just the first step in what could evolve into a three-year worldwide tour and the release of a brand new music album. 'Surviving the press conference was the first step. We’ve got a three-year plan for Michael Jackson and if it all goes well we will gross $400 million (£280 million) in total. Phillips added that Michael Jackson stands to earn ''probably something pretty close to £50 ($70.5) million for the London shows.' Future concerts may be held in New York, Paris and Mumbai." Again, only the first 10 concerts in London have been confirmed as of now.

With regards to the concerts themselves, Phillips promises that they will be two-hour 'all-singing and all-dancing spectaculars' and gave ticket estimates of £50 ($70.50) to £75 ($105). Due to reportedly high demand, presale information has not yet been made publicly available.

'There is still much more to come from Michael Jackson. My passion for music has never stopped.'"
- Michael Jackson (2008) You can also read further information here and here.

Now watch the conference yourself and come to your own conclusions. As for me. I still firmly believe it's a good-natured sales pitch(wink).

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