Friday, March 13, 2009

The Willie Has Sold Out The Arena

Michael Jackson sets to out-do Prince's record-breaking 21 gigs at the O2 Arena as depicted by this T-Shirt. Already records have been broken and the King of Pop hasn't performed a single move! This week alone, pre-sales have shot to the moon with a record amount of bandwidth eaten according to The U.K.'s "Daily Mail. Partly because of this, Michael Jackson agreed to extend the O2 gigs an extra 40 concerts under two boot legs. The first in the Summer of '09 and the second will spice up the first two months of 2010 with a bang!

 Yet just four hours after opening up, tickets have already been sold out on all venues(Source USA Today)! Never in history has this ever happened! When A.G. Phillips spilled the beans over the phone with Mr. Jackson, he was literally in tears. They both have a four-year contract packed with plenty of goodies(including a new studio album)! If everything goes as planned, at least three more records will be broken!

  1. The largest audience to ever see a performance in history.
  2. The largest string of concerts to be performed at the O2 Arena(Surpassing Prince's record 21 gigs in 2007).
  3. Largest string of concerts for a single venue.

Truly, the King of Pop will make an entrance this July ninth in London! I'm sure gonna pass on this legendary moment unto my future children.

[*Update*-Tragically, that's not going to happen as The King of Pop has passed away on June 25th, 2009-R.I.P. Michael Jackson!]

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