Michael Jackson Proposed To Give Mecca His Dessert

 According to Spinner and many other news sources, Michael Jackson is showed his desire to make things right between old friends. He is reportedly giving away his Northern Songs Catalog to Paul McCartney. Both of whom collaborated for each of their albums(if you want to know more of their little joint venture, read up on an old post entitled  "Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney").

 Weather or not this has some bearence of truth, he'll have to wait till the contract between Sony and him expires sometime this year. All I've heard is both parties want to purchase 100% of the Sony/ATV Catolog. If Michael Jackson makes that huge comeback we've all prayed for, then no doubt will he outbid Sony. But if Mr. Jackson waits too long, then Sony will have the upper hand. I'm beginning to lean more towards the first senario(though I don't want to be biased). Whatever he does rest assured, he knows how to do good business. (contrary to what they want you to believe).

 Anyways, I'll let you know if this bears any resemblence to truth. In the meantime, Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for visiting! May this year bring Michael back to where he belongs!

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