Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not Much From The MJ Department

Sadly there's nothing worthwhile to report about Michael Jackson so far. Although I did find a few tidbits you might find interesting.

1. Skin Pigment Disease Reversed with Piperine Nutrient From Black Pepper-Vitiligo may very well be cured without any need for synthetic remedies. This of course would mean Michael Jackson could turn black again(if he so chooses) and the end to the suffering many go through(psychologically)!

2. "Thriller Live!"-Thriller Live has just got a kick start in London's West End. Featuring cast members who've personally worked with "The Gloved One". The show is a tribute to Michael Jackson's career which spans 40 years! Find out more at thrillerlive.com!

3. MJ Co-Authors A New Song-As of January 9th 2009, a new collaboration by Michael Jackson and Ryan D Groves(from Santa Monica, California) has just been added to the BMI Repertoire. An official song registry of over 6,000,000 songs either released or underground. The song is called "Baby's Fire". With alternate titles "Higher Baby's Fire" and "Baby's On Fire". No word on any leaks at the moment so you'll probably won't hear it anytime soon(unless it makes his new album).

That is all for today. My next update won't be until early next week(or sooner if something big happens). So while your waiting, why don't you thumb through the Michael Jackson Beat Archives.

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