We start off on a semi protest in your face proclamation! "No matter what you do. I'm still gonna be here". As the King of Pop proves no tabloids nor allegations are going to stand in his way. It was Producer Rodney Jenkins idea to insert a post-mortem Rap segment by The Notorious B.I.B. Originally sung on Shaq's single "You Can't Stop The Rain".

 If you listen closely, you can even pinpoint Brandy's oooin' and ahhin' near the tracks end. I find it very reminiscent to the Ghostbuster 2 theme song.

 This was meant to take "You Rock My World's place as the debut single off of Invincible. Along with a 20 minute promo short film(starring Mel Gibson and Chris Tucker). Yet Sony wanted to go cheap and later even black-balded Michael by abruptly pulling the plug on The Invincible Project.

 The track a a bit over-dubbed but very up-beat and catchy. If only the piano-chords were more pronounced and the bass slightly cranked-down, this would've made an excellent instrumental. I think he asked for another year on the album and the Sony executives said it's now or never!

 In fact if things went as planned, you would've seen singles to "The Lost Children", "Break of Dawn", "Speechless", "Invincible", and "Whatever Happens"(not to mention international releases of "Cry" and "Butterflies"). Add to that a couple extra music videos(a.k.a short films) and a few popping commercials.

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