Friday, September 05, 2008

Jackson Five Maybe Tomorrow

The Jackson Five release their fourth LP Maybe Tomorrow

 Although "Maybe Tomorrow" has nowhere's near the vigor of "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5", "ABC", nor the "Third Album". It does have a few tracks worth delving into.


 :If there ever were mutual feelings of nostalgia associated with The Jackson 5. "Maybe Tomorrow" would most definitely come to view. "(We've Got) Blue Skies" Comes forth as the most aching memory. The harmonies and slow rhythm is almost hypnotic.

 "Maybe Tomorrow" and "Never Can Say Goodbye" come out as effectual puppy love notes. Michael's coercive vocals often strikes a cord.

 Not to be outdone, Jermaine does fare pretty well on a more jazzed-up rendition to "Sixteen Candles" and his post-pubertal entourage "She's Good".

 Other notable tracks include the upbeat delivery on "The Wall", a courtship struggle of "Petals"(she loves me, she loves me not), and the Martha Reeves classic "Honey Chile". The rest are what I'd like to call quasi-fillers(less then ideal though not entirely shoved in).

 So to conclude this afternoons critique, "Maybe Tomorrow" does have a few unforgetables tucked in there. But has come down a notch from their previous achievements.


1. "Maybe Tomorrow"

2. "She's Good"

3. "Never Can Say Goodbye"

4. "The Wall"

5. "Petals""

6. "Sixteen Candles"

7. "(We've Got) Blue Skies"

8. "My Little Baby"

9. "It's Great To Be Here"

10. "Honey Chile"

11. "I Will Find a Way"

12. "I'm So Happy"

That pretty much sums up our journey though "Maybe Tomorrow". Stay tuned for their sixth LP: "Lookin' Through The Windows".

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