Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jackson Five-One More Chance

 A pre-teen Bubblegum sensation. These fine young boys appealed to many girls in junior high. Both black & white. During the dawn of post-segregation.

 Throughout the song, Michael pleads his ex for One More Chance. Once again, alluding to Diana Ross's "Stop In The Name of Love".

 And so "One More Chance" stands at the crossroads. Sandwiched in between "ABC" and "The Love You Save".


Everybody loves the star
When he's on the top
But none ever comes around
When he starts to drop

But you were someone special
You stuck through thick and thin
But I was much too busy
Trying to shine
To let your love shine in

Let you slip away
I must have been insane
Stop in the name of love
Don't make me live my life in vain

Give me one more chance
That's all I ask of you
Just one more chance
I'll make it up to you
Just one more chance
That's all I ask of you
I'll build you a world for two
I'll make it up to you

Now since I'm all alone
I'm talking to myself
I know you're out there somewhere
Having fun with someone else

But a distant voice of hope
Echo from within, sayin'
(Don't give up)
(Your ship is comin' in)

Though my ship's alone
I'll play right to the end
I'm crying outside
Heaven's door
Won't you let me back in

You'll never know
What I've been through
Let your love shine in again
This time I'll shine with you

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