Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jackson 5 ABC

ABC is perhaps the most memorable LP from The Jackson Five

 Just five months down the road and The J5 were at it again! This time without any help from Diana. "ABC" became the most successful Motown record yet! Spawning two more #1 hits! By now they were becoming an Ed Sullivan sensation! Their joint-venture with "Diana Ross" obviously paid off!

 The album is considered their crowning achievement which firmly placed them as the final Motown legends. Before the industry shifted gears from it's golden era.
And it's with this record I would like to share my precious 2 cents.


 The album blasts forth with a little lesson on traffic and arithmetic-that being "The Love You Save" & "ABC". With raw Corporate instrumentation, authentic vocals, and powerful ab-lib's. No wonder both tracks fluently aced to the top of the charts!

 Sandwiched in between the two is a mid-tempo puppy Love Song with backups that almost mimic Hornets on a Spring afternoon-check out One More Chance. When recess ends, another lesson on numbers will have to suffice-You know, "'2-4-6-8' who do you appreciate".

 The final two tracks successfully reinterpret two classics from their fellow Motown legends Stevie Wonder and The Miracles.

 However, things start going downhill as we turn the record over to the other side. But had it not been for the outstanding riff of "I'll Bet You" and the generational plea of "The Young Folks", the B-Side would've been nothing but frills and fills.

 But all in all, "ABC" is a step up from their last LP. Which had one too many covers.:)

#1 The Love You Save

#2 One More Chance

#3 ABC

#5 2-4-6-8

#5 (Come Round Here) I'm The One You Need

#6 I Don't Know Why I Love You

#7 Never Had A Dream Come True

#8 True Love Can Be Beautiful

#9 La-La (Means I Love You)

#10 I'll Bet You

#11 I Found That Girl

#12 The Young Folks


 That about ends our journey through "ABC". Join With me next time as I take you through "The Third Album".

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