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Man in the Mirror

Man In The Mirror was the forth single to come off of Michael Jackson's Bad Album

 Right after addressing his other side on "Another Part Of Me", Michael reveals the universal dilemma holding us all back from our full potential-Human Nature. There is world hunger and disease. But the only way we are to make a difference is to start with ourselves. Yet like Michael we are left with our ulterior selves in the mirror. We must learn to overcome the beast and take control.

 To enhance the message, Michael hired a church choir to give it a more spiritual kick. The Andrea Crouch Singers along with The Winans were chosen. Even Sietah Garrett performed some backups.

 It was she who, while driving towards the recording studio...saw her reflection in the rear-view mirror. Suddenly an idea popped in her mind to write a poem with Glen Ballard's help. The song was submitted to both Quincy and Michael to both produce and record a tune. What sprang forth was one of Jackson's well-known signature.

The Single

 Easily it soured to number 1 and stayed there for 2 weeks! It dominated the airwaves for quite some time in the late 80's.


1. 7" Version–4:55
2. Album Mix–5:17
3. Instrumental–4:55

Man In The Mirror The Short Film

 Moonwalker opens up with video footage of Michael performing "Man In The Mirror. scenes are shown of great men and women of whom overcame great obstacles to succeed in undertaking great endeavors. Ever since "We Are The World", Michael has gone out of his way to demonstrate his humanitarian spirit. And it shows quite well on this short film.

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