Another Part of Me

In the Summer of 88, Michael Jackson releases another #1 hit single-Another Part of Me

 After pre-releasing this song for Disney's Captain Eo, Michael chose this track for the final cut.

 But it was no overnight decision. You see, Quincy and Michael both struggled between two wonderfully recorded tracks. Both of superb quality. Jones preferred this track while Michael wanted Streetwalker. But he didn't care which one make it since each had large potential to reach number one.

 Michael penned this tune to remind all his fans to unite as one(as with a lot of his tunes). But originally, it was meant to convince the queen of her inner beauty on "Captain Eo".

 The introduction reminds you of an I-Max advertisement before a movie starts at the theater. Then a New Wave synthetic rhythm invites us on an 80's platform! Michael Jackson while conforming to the newest trends of the day stayed within his bubble of talent. Relevancy is written all over this track!

* Album version- 3:53
* Radio Edit - 4:25
* 7" Version - 3:46
* Instrumental- 3:46
* Extended Dance Mix- 6:18
* Dub version - 3:51
* Another Part of Me-Extended World Mix - 10:00
* Acappella- 4:00
* Moonwalker version(Sega)

Another Part of Me: The Short Film

 A throng of fans are screaming for his attention. While Michael sits alone immersed within his thoughts. It's here Michael first discovers that it's his fans which keep driving him to do his best! So he arrives on stage and throws one heck of a performance of "Another Part of Me! Like Michael, each on of us has a mask we keep keep by our bedsides. We must learn to unite our two selves into one if we want to change the world.

It starts with you.

Another Part Of Me

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