Just Good Friends

 Rolling Stone may say otherwise. But "Just Good Friends" is more then a filler. It's the rising action to the album "Bad". Stevie Wonder is featured dueting with the pop star throughout!

 I just love the 80's edge on this track! Especially the harmonizing! But Terry Britten and Graham Lyle are the ones who actually composed this song. Yet Michael and Quincy produced this baby, heart and soul!

 A short film is believed to exist but was left off of The Moonwalker Film at the last minute. It's probably very much like the other short flicks before the plot.

Here's what Michael had to say about Stevie Wonder while in an interview with George Harrison around 1987...

"Stevie is, you know-I've learnt so much from him by just sitting in on his sessions, and talking to him and listening... he's phenomenal... I had an interview with George Harrison(former Beatle) in England, we did it together, and we were speaking of Stevie and he said, and these are his exact words, he said, Stevie Wonder makes him wanna retire. He said Paul McCartney(former Beatle) feels the same way."

Michael Jackson Lyrics
Just Good Friends Lyrics

Stevie Wonder returned the favor with "Get It"-Featuring Michael Jackson.

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