Liberian Girl

The last single to come off of Michael Jackson's Bad Album

 "Liberian Girl" never got a U.S.a> release but did fairly well in Europe and Asia. This was his final single from The Bad Album. Released in the fourth quarter of 1989(what a way to conclude the 80's).

7" Single

1.Liberian Girl Edit–3:39

12" Single

1.Liberian Girl Edit–3:39
2.Get on the Floor–4:44

 Jackson dedicated this song to Elisabeth Taylor. In honor of their strong-knitted friendship. Along with a short clip dedicated to her.

"Naku penda piya-naku taka piya-mpenziwe" stands for "I love you so...I Love You so...Very much." It was spoken by Swahili girl from Africa.

Liberian Girl-The Short Film

 Thirty-five celebrities were invited for a video shoot. Problem is, there is no Michael Jackson in sight. Nonetheless, all are ecstatic to get their close-ups with their favorite idol!

 After about fifteen minutes, everyone gets a little angst(wondering if he forgot about the whole project). Yet ironically when you least expected it, Michael fools them all. Filming them the whole time(experimenting with a directorless environment). Wanting to capture what ordinary people do when not on the big screen. The resolution reveals to us that Michael was the director all along!

Lyrics | Liberian Girl lyrics

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