Saturday, April 05, 2008

Speed Demon

 This is my favorite short flick apart from Thriller! The moves, the animation, and simplicity gives me a sense of nostalgia. A glimpse of Michael Jackson's personality is seen as he loves clamation.

 The rhythm and sound are reminiscent of a retro suburban biker-boy just craving for speed! The beat and percussion is something you can only find among the back alleys of urban utopia. A rhythmic vibration only a runaway biker would know exists.

Speed Demon: The Short Film

 At the beginning, Michael Jackson and the crew(from the last short film "Badder) walk off the set and into a cloud of smoke. Instantly transfigured into their adult selves. Giving us a picture of a regressive 10-year-old. despite living for 30 years, he's looking for his lost childhood.

 Michael is trapped in a world of attention. Everywhere he turns, a disguise must be worn just to get a coffee at Starbucks.

 What better disguise is there except Spike The Rabbit. Who represents in every way his super ego. Who on the other hand, craves for the well,deserved attention and quite often plays hard to get.

 Taunting the media, he takes off on motorcycle. You can even see him metamorphosing into Peewee Herman, Tina Turner, and Sylvester Stallone. Not wanting to go to the extremes. Either as a manly figure(like Sylvester), an effeminate drag queen(so his reference to Tina Turner), nor a complete child-man(like Pee-Wee Hermon). But somewhere in the crossroads is where he wants to be.

 Towards the end, his ultra-ego challenges him to a match-of Michael Jackson dancing. Surprisingly, both are astonished of what the other can do. Until reality checks-in. An officer cites him for dancing in a No-Moonwalking Zone(ironically demanding an autograph as opposed to a signature). Of course, Mike try's in vain to get Spike in just as much trouble. But he's nowhere to be found. Until the realization sinks in. Spike The Rabbit was him all along!

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