Can't Let Her Get Away

 I'm a bit up and down on this one. As Michael's vocals are are fairly raspy under clenched teeth(as with "Jam", "Dangerous", and "who Is It"). But the factory-like percussion and the incredible Rap coming from MJ's lips is incredible! Always giving me pictures of Michael break-dancing in an urban junk-yard factory. Venting his anger on the assembly lines.

 Both him and Teddy Riley wrote and mixed this puppy in the studios. According to Mr. Riley, the composition and sound effects come from several different mix tapes put together meticulously from his vault.

 According to the lyrics, Michael is deeply grieved and angry of his lover for cheating and getting away with it. Boy does he feel the urge to get even. But then rebukes his anger and says to "Just let it Go and move on....."

Lyrics | Can't Let Her Get Away lyrics

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