Monday, April 28, 2008

Heal the World

Heal The World became one of Michael Jackson's most memorial philanthropic songs

 "Heal The World" reached a lofty #2 on the U.K. Charts. Becoming one of Michael Jackson's most humanitarian hits along with "We Are The World", "Man In The Mirror", "History", and eventually "Cry".

1. Album version
2. 7" edit w/intro
3. 7" edit
4. Spoken version

 Time alone spent on his Neverland sycamore tree(a.k.a. The Giving Tree) is where it all began. On one good evening, way up on a sycamore branch was Mr. Jackson deep in thought. Digging deep for inspiration. Suddenly a tune was stuck in his head. That night, Jackson composed all the lyrics to the song. Quickly he rushed for his tape recorder and beatboxed the whole song in acappella. To this day, Michael views this song as one of his most cherished accomplishments.

 Just two years late Michael established(out of his own money) "Heal The World Foundation". An organization which not only helps the less fortunate but equips them to help others in like manner. They have since expanded to start another foundation-"Heal The Kids". Very similar to it's parent. Only with a stronger emphasis on children.

Heal The World-The Short Film

 A really great commentary on Michael's heart. It reveals his child-like innocence. Helping us grown-ups to look at the world in the eyes of a child.

 When we look at how fortunate we are as Americans and the plight of our fellow neighbors on foreign soil. You can't help but to 'make the world a better place".

MICHAEL JACKSON - Heal The World - Click here for funny video clips

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