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Remember the Time

Michael Jackson's #1 Soul Train Hit single Remember The Time

 :It was March of 1992. Another R&B top of the pops hits the stores packed with several groovy mixes-"Remember The Time" climbed up to #1 on both the R&B Singles Charts and Soul Train Singles Charts! As a matter of fact, Michael Jackson won an award in account of the latter.

 While rehearsing for that ceremony(Soul Train Awards), Michael severely sprained his ankle. Many panicked and thought he would ditch the performance. But lo and behold, The King of Pop grooved on his throne and gave one heck of a performance. To hear him sing live, Click Here.

 Both Mr. Jackson and Teddy were looking for a traditional sound for track #5. Hearing a few of Riley's mix tapes, it dawned on him! Suddenly a hunch drove him to create a sound that would both satisfy old and new fans alike! A nostalgic MJ tune with a modern twist. Only problem, there were no words to fill in the gaps.

 So Michael, Teddy, and Bernard all sat down and composed some love lyrics. About a lover reminding his beloved of fonder times and wooing her back into his arms. The result was spectacular! Radio stations would definitely go for this!

 Many wonderful remixes were orchestrated by the Father of New Jack Swing with the input of Michael Jackson. These mixes can be found on the Dangerous Maxi single. Here's an exhaustive list for you to delve into...

The Mixes

* Album Version – 3:59
* 12" Main Mix – 4:47
* 7" Main Mix – 4:01
* Acappella – 3:35
* New Jack Radio Mix – 4:06
* New Jack Main Mix
* New Jack Jazz Mix (21) – 5:06
* Silky Soul 12" Mix
* Silky Soul 7" – 4:07
* Silky Soul Dub
* E-Smoove's Late Nite Mix
* E-Smoove's Late Nite Dub
* Maurice's Underground
* Mo-Mo's Instrumental
* E Smoove's Early Morning Vocal Groove
* E Smoove's Nite Classic Club Remix
* Underground Hip Hop Vocal
* Mega Jacko's Funky Experience

Remember The Time-The Short Film

 The Queen(Iman) is board to tears(I would be to). So The Pharaoh(a.k.a. Eddie Murphy) demands to be amused. Magic Johnson plays host to Pharaohs entertainment. The first two contestants failed miserably and were executed on account of that. It wouldn't be until the third one shows up, dressed in a hooded-garment. Armed with nothing but a pouch of sand.

 Pharaoh taunts the meek and lowly figure who sprinkles the tapestry with magic sand. Before Magic Johnson could cringe at the site of another execution, the man mysteriously vanishes!The pile of rubble in his wake morphs into Michael Jackson! The whole palace is left abuzz! Soon enough, all his servants are hypnotized to dance with The King of Pop.

 Pharaoh is left speechless of the spectacle! He was ready to leave him second in command. Until Michael messed with his girl.

 A massive chase ensues through the winding corridors of Egypt. Led by his bodyguard(who's name is Tom Tiny Lester Jr.). All Michael did was reclaim what the King took by force-His wife!

 All the kings servants are now dancing to the beat of a different drum. Michael Jackson leads them on to walk like an Egyptian!

 As Pharaoh catches up, Michael plays catch me if you can then whirls once again into a pile of drifting sand. Blown away just like how he feels about his lot in life.

 From the moment Thriller hit the airwaves, Michael has been caught-up in a whirlwind of fame only enjoyed by Elvis, Frank Sinatra, and The Beatles.

 No longer can he go to the bookstore or eat at a restaurant without a body guard by his side. Although many hung by his side, loneliness still weighed heavily upon his chest. Even though he was on the top, Michael was not immune to the human condition. The ever nagging search for meaning.

Watch the video(directed by John Singleton) below...

[Watch The Making of RTT Here]

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