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Moonwalker Video Game

 In 1989 Michael formed a partnership with Sega to co-produce an arcade block buster. Based on his most recent film. A computer and home console version are also launched in the following years.

Moonwalker Arcade Version

Plenty of posters like these were strattled on every arcade bulletin board in preparation for Moonwalker: The Game

 As you walked in an arcade room back in the day, "Moonwalker" would scream "hey you! Play Me!" And why not(you thought? The guys got talent. As your hands sinking into those jean-pockets, Alas! you have a few quarters! Now let's insert them into this beautifully furbished Michael Jackson cabinet!

 The arcade version has more of a street fighting twist. But instead of swinging back and forth, Michael channels magical powers from a shooting star.

 Now there are a few others to save besides Katie. And even some extra villains thrown in there. You mind find it a bit tougher then her sister counterparts. But nevertheless, she's a classic.

Moonwalker:Computer Version

[Click Here for snapshots!]

 Co-produced by Irish Emerald Software LTD and American Keypunch Software. In addition to Sega and Michael Jackson's involvement.

 Game play is very different. Instead of the film, it's based on "Speed Demon's" clamation scenes. Which I hate to break it to ya. But all computer versions have since been out of print.:(

Folks have commented(both good and bad) on the immense challenge this version brings. But anything with Claymation will sure give me a kick.

Watch a sneak preview Here!

P.S. After taking a glance, I have second thoughts.:)

Moonwalker: Sega Genesis

[Click Here

 Both the Master and Genesis versions are pretty much the same(the latter containing more graphics). Many characters are left out of this version. Only an endless clone of Kattie's are left to save.

 Mr. Big has logged his residence on the Moon. He's developed a laser beam which will dissolve this planet out of oblivion. It's up to you to stop him in his tracks.


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