Thursday, April 17, 2008

Other Bad Era Happenings

 In 1988, Michael Jackson bought 2,800 acres of land from William Bone. An entrepreneur who happened to own a large golf course. Estimated at $30 million. Yet the guy easily moonwalked his way into the deal. Purchasing the property in one whole lump sum! Naming it after his favorite movie. From a place where kids never grow old-Neverland Valley Ranch.

 The King of Pop had other plans for his Never-Never-Land. After acquiring the land, Jackson started building steadily on his dream. Consulting the help of child-star actor Macaulay Culkin(Yes, that Home Alone kid). They developed a movie theater, video arcade, a large processional kitchen full of chefs, an amusement park, and petting zoo. With of course a mansion. You could almost call it a villa.

 He opened his ranch to disadvantaged youth even terminally ill children. It has been said on numerous occasions that just spending time with Michael Jackson has cured or reversed many illnesses(Cancer being one).

However, many critics have taunted the man needed to grow up. Children were given as much candy and sweets as they want. There was no curfew nor overburdening rules to stifle them. Some have gone as far to say Neverland was like Pinocchio's Pleasure Island. A claim Mr. Jackson finds ridiculous. But think about it. They were probably jealous. I don't see nothing wrong with being child-like. Unless being bratty, naive, and irresponsible come to mind. Being child-like and childish are two totally different things. Neverland was a place to cast all your cares aside.

 It was actually on this plot of land where Michael digitally recorded his very own heartbeat to the intro of "Smooth Criminal". Originally, planned as a Country Western style gangster film. But Michael wanted a more urban nightclub atmosphere. Something more out of the 1930's.

 In the same year, Mike wrote an autobiography about his life span from childhood up to that point. Instantly, it rose to the #1 New York times best seller list! Many new things were revealed in "Moonwalk". Namely his father Joseph's abusive grip on the whole family.

 I Wish I had a copy. Then maybe I could share. But hey, If you know where there still selling copies, show me ASAP!;)

A few more things...

1. Michael saved a chimp he named Bubbles from a pharmaceutical lab where they made him a Ginnie Pig for a Cancer experiment.

2. It is here that Jackson becomes known as the King of Pop by having more radio time then any music artist in history! In addition to Elizabeth Taylor's 1990 speech. "Michael is the King of Pop, Soul, and R&B!"

3. In 1990, he performs "You Were There" in honor of Sammy Davis Junior. Another inspiration and icon of his.

4. Michael posed in a hyperbolic chamber in 1985. The tabloids hyped it up somewhere along the lines of living as long as a medieval king(who died at 150 during the 1600's).

5. Then they claimed he bought the remains of the fabled "Elephant Man" from the 19th century.

6. A mother falsely accused him of molestation in 1988-89(Yep, money had a lot to do with that). Which never got cleared until 2004.

7. Michael received a music artist of the decade award from old man Bush(George Herbert Walker Bush) in 1990.

9. Rumors of taking female hormones to maintain boyish vocals and ward off facial hair arose from a headline. All rubbish! Along with the claim he bleached his skin.

10. Though Michael formally disbanded from "The Jackson's". He joined with extended family for a chorus of "2300 Jackson Street". The following year, "The Jackson's" officially broke up. listen below...

Tomorrow will be all about a video game called "Moonwalker". Don't miss it!

P.S. I'm sure some of y'all know this already but here goes...

 Address to Neverland Valley Ranch=5225 Figueroa Mountain Rd, Los Olivos, California(USA) 93441[Note: Ever since the trial Michael has never returned to his ranch]. Sorry don't have his ever changing phone number lol.

In the name of Porky Pig, "Ablee.Blee..Blee...That's all Folks!":)

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