Eaten Alive

The cover to Diana Ross's 1985 single Eaten Alive Featuring Michael Jackson and The Bee Gees

See that Michael Jackson was successful at Thriller and on Rockwell's paranoid cliche Somebody's Watching Me, Diana Ross found it fitting to invite her old friend to duet on an equally cryptic creature feature-Eaten Alive!

A music video accompanied the single, casting Ross as a possessed demon cat. Hopelessly setting a snare to catch her next unsuspecting male victim. As if being a werewolf wasn't enough, now he wants to associate with a werecat. Geesh!

A few members of The Bee Gees can be faintly heard singing in the background. Before arriving in the studio, Michael recorded a few demos which remain unleaked to this day.

"Eaten Alive" rightly claimed #10 on the R&B Singles Chart. Her debut single off of the album by that same name.

Eaten alive - Diana Ross

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