Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bad Era Pepsi Commercials

 In 1988, Michael again proclaimed Pepsi "The choice of a new generation". This time around with a
"Bad" twist. Not two but three commercials were made out of This Era.

Michael Jackson's "The Chase"

 This was actually a four part series of him running away from crazy fans and the press. I like the part where he sneakily hides in the T.V. set. Actually twice! First in a diner. Then a mountain resort. A clever idea.

 Descending down a slope, he jumps and parachutes back on stage. To finish where he started. Performing "Bad" to the masses. As if nothin' happened. I just love when Michael does these little things.

The Magic Begins

 I knew something was missing from my Moonwalker Post. Not to worry. I have it right her. Just love how he dances for this ad! Brilliant!

Third Pepsi Ad

 Now this has a personal touch. A little boy bashfully intrudes upon Jackson's dressing room. In hopes of bumping into him. Fantasizing on being The One! Till Michael politely chimes in a whispered tone "piss...Looking for me[smiling]?"

 And that concludes our journey through Michael Jackson's "Bad Era"! I hope you enjoyed this chapter of his legacy! Stay tuned for The Dangerous Era!

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