Sunday, April 20, 2008

The "Bad" Tour

 September 12th, 1987 marked the initial day of Michael's very first solo world tour(Beginning in Tokyo, Japan). The Sequined Glove did a series of 123 concerts on over 5 continents. Wrapping it up at Los Angeles on January 27th, 1989. Just two years later.

 He accumulated well over $100,000,000! $700,000 an hour! A record only he himself broke a few years down the road.
Unfortunately, this would be the last the lower 48's gets to see a Jackson touring.

 In Japan alone, record-breaking attendance drove him to the likes of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and The Beatles. Yet Michael humbly admitted these mascots are what inspired him. Emjay was on his way to becoming the most famous human in history!

Bad Tour Footage

From Motown to Your Town

Michael Jackson Around the world

 And that concludes our journey through Michael Jackson's "Bad Era"! I hope you enjoyed this chapter of his legacy! Stay tuned for The Dangerous Era!

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