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Michael Jackson Dangerous

Michael Jackson's second most selling album-Dangerous

 Starting on June 25th, 1990 Jackson worked for a purported 16 months tweaking and sculpturing another work of art-The Dangerous Sessions. Anticipation became so great, armed bandits came and extorted 30,000 copies before the records came to a store near you!

 At this time, Michael parted with Legendary producer Quincy Jones and at his discretion hired executive producer Teddy Riley. Known for his pioneering tactics of synergisticly mixing R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, and various Urban beats into one wholesome genre-Namely New Jack Swing. Michael wanted to beak free from West Lake Studio and experiment with new sounds. Bill Bottrell(who previously worked with Quincy on Mick's "Victory and Bad album sessions) was re-hired for the new project.

 As of still, "Dangerous" is the best-selling New Jack Swing album of all time! And at one time the #2 overall right below Thriller and even surpassing "Bad"! He also generated 7 top 10 singles! Becoming the first to do so on the U.K. Charts.

 At first, Michael didn't care much for rap. But, when Riley took him to a Hip-Hop club one evening, his perspective changed! And from then on Jackson would feature a Rapping segment on each album.

Say Hello To Sony

 Jackson signed a deal in March, 1991 estimated to be worth $1,000,000,000! The contract would last for 6 albums. Little did he know Tony Mottola would halt all his marketing endeavors in the future(read Michael Jackson's Invisible Era)!

His Appearance

 Michael's skin tone turns from a light-skin frame mollado to a totally white complexion! Jackson must reveal his condition or else risk his image being thwarted! So the Gloved One seizes an opportunity to be a guest on the Opera Winfrey show. He specifically wanted to emphasis he loved his African American Descent and that Vitiligo(see Michael Jackson Skin Disease) is the reason for the lighter complexion(thereby debunking tabloids claiming Jacko's turned against his roots).

The Album

 For a guy immersed with such talent and ingenuity, I did not think he needed to resort to the younger generation for sex & violence. Like grabbing his crotch on "Black or White" or the erotic twist with Naomi Campbell on the set of "In the Closet". Couple that with the over-dubbed watery vocals and Teddy's over-cranked industrialized bassline(someone remind him to turn it down a notch). I firmly believe his intense dancing and brilliant organic vocals would have been more then enough to appease the masses.

 Nevertheless, it's tracks like Remember The Time, Black Or White, Heal The World, Gone Too Soon, and Will You Be There" which make this album worth a listen! "Jam" "Dangerous" and a few others are dance-floor savvy and relevant(to the early 90's). "Who Is It" is a bit too dragged and the demo to "Give Into Me" is way better then the official.

 So in a nutshell, Dangerous to me is a small step down in quality from his last record Bad. But regardless, it has quite a few priceless gems tucked away!

Dangerous-The Tract List + Extras!

#1 Jam

#2 Why You Wanna Trip On Me

#3 In The Closet

#4 She Drives Me Wild

#5 Remember The Time

#6 Can't Let Her Get Away

#7 Heal The World

#8 Black Or White

#9 Who Is It

#10 Give Into Me

#11 Will You Be There

#12 Keep The Faith

#13 Gone Too Soon

#14 Dangerous

Dangerous Outtakes

"Dangerous" Tour

Dangerous: The Short Films

The Michael Jackson Superbowl

Dangerous Pepsi & Other Commercials

The Simpson's

Other Dangerous Happenings

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