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Michael Jackson's "Bad" Album

The cover to Michael Jackson's 1987 album Bad

 A few months after The Victory Tour, Michael was back in the studios making music for an anticipated follow-up to Thriller. The media was abuzz to what this could all mean! If the success of Captain Eo was any indication the following year, Then what eventually wound up as "Bad" would take Michael Jackson in a whole new direction!

 Sixty(out of 120) songs were recorded for the album. But only 35 were ready to be released(according to Mr. Jackson's standards). Did you know Michael originally intended for 30 to appear on a 3 disc set? But Quincy only wanted 10.

 A somewhat sharp disagreement ensued(which might've let to them part ways). Eventually a semi-compromise took shape and Jackson was allowed to slip in one more track-"Leave me Alone". Some early copies of The Bad Album still omit that last song.

 It is believed that around 1985, Michael bought the rights to ATV which contained the Lennon-McCartney Catalog(Northern Songs). A few Beatle fans were furious. Yet Yoko One was quick thrilled that it would up in his hands. If McCartney outbid Jackson, a rivalry would've broken the bond between her and Mecca.

"Bad" Album Teaser

 Before it's launch date of August 25th 1987, more then 2,000,000 copies were pre-ordered. In no time, "Bad" became the second best-selling album of all time and scoured a record 6 #1 hits unsurpassed to this day.

 When the tough image of "Bad" and "The Way You Make Me Feel" premiered on MTV, many were shocked at his ever lighter complexion. Some tabloids were even speculating if he took female hormones to reverse puberty and keep his voice boyish. Of course, Michael vehemently denied such childish notions. Yet despite those stories, MJ's fan base was showing no signs of shrinking.

 Prince, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, and Madonna. All were invited to feature on his new album but for various reasons declined. Except for Sietah Garrett, Wesley Snipes, Jeffry Daniels, and Stevie Wonder. With even more starring in his first film production Moonwalker.

 Michael Jackson has received more airplay then any other artist of the 80's. Which earned him the award "Artist of the Decade" by the president(George H.W. Bush) in 1990. This is partly where the tittle "King of Pop" originated. But never did Michael claim it for himself(unlike what journalists want you to believe).

The Beginnings of Neverland Valley Ranch

 There was a 2,800 acre golf course near Santa Monica, California called Sycamore Valley Ranch-Owned by William Bone. Yet in 1988 that would all change as Mr. Jackson acquired the whole plot of land in one lump sum.

 Immediately the land was christened Neverland Valley Ranch after the fantastical story of Disney's Peter Pan. Based on a magical island where children never grow up to be hypocritical adults. Furthermore, Mr. Jackson practically created a theme Park in his back yard. Mainly for children who were less fortunate. This was during the time Michael accumulation more money then any celebrity in history!

The "Bad" Album Review

 Just five years after "Thriller" shot Michael into the stratosphere, a follow-up sustained his iconic status. Scoring 5 #1 hits and grossing more money then any celebrity could ever dream. Is it no wonder "Bad"(briefly) became the second best selling album of all time?

 From the title tracks horny invitation to "The Way You Make Me Feel's" classy crane-thumping arrangement, it's clear Michael's obsessed with street life. Even going so far as to play "the leader of the pact" on "Speed Demon" and avoid being questioned on "Smooth Criminal".

 "Dirty Diana" mimics "Billie Jean" in every way. Except, there ain't no baby involved. The focus draws away from R&B and into the hard-core tapestry of Heavy Medal.

 "Man In The Mirror becomes a one-of-a-kind anthem. A memorial sing-along even a five year old can reiterate. Sietah Garrett accompanies Michael on a traditional Love Ballad "I Just Can't Stop Loving You". Stevie Wonder fights over a girl on "Just Good Friends.

 Clearly, every track on this record has been artistically crafted and meticulously observed to arguably give the best album from Michael Jackson since Thriller!

#1 Bad

#2 The Way You Make Me Feel

#3 Speed Demon

#4 Liberean Girl

#5 Just Good Friends

#6 Another Part Of Me

#7 Man In The Mirror

#8 I Just Can't Stop Loving You

#9 Dirty Diana

#10 Smooth Criminal

#11 Leave Me Alone

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