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Michael Jackson's second #1 Billboard Hot 100 to come off the album Bad

 Right after his album debut with young Sietah Garrett, Michael unleashes his bad self to the masses on September 19th, 1987. Just when you thought everything about the pop star was concealed, he reveals a more tougher street-edged look. If Captain Eo didn't convince us, "Bad" came to show us Jackson has something new up his sleeve.

 Michael so wanted to duet with The Purple One. However, Prince declined the offer. Admitting it would be a #1 hit with or without him. In addition, Quincy finally admitted "Your butt is mine" was not to his liking.

 Within 6 weeks "Bad" made number 1 one the Billboard Hot 100! And why not? From every night club to end-of-the-year school parties, "Bad" dominated the scene of the late-80's!

U.S. Single

1.Bad(Dance Extended Mix)
2.Bad(7" single mix)
3.Bad(Dance Remix Radio Edit)
4.Bad(Dubbed version)

U.K. Single

1.Bad(7" single mix)
2.Bad(Dance Remix Radio Edit)

12" single

1.Bad(Extended Dance Mix)
2.Bad(Dubbed version)

Bad-The Short Film

 Michael pours himself into a tale of a kid named Daryle who winds up living(with his single mother) in a rough Brooklyn neighborhood. A New York District notorious for crime.

 As he grew-up, peer pressure coupled with a sense of belonging urged young Daryle to join a street-side gang. Upon hearing this, his mother sends the kid off to an academy high school. Away from the back alleys of New York City.

 But as Christmas break arrived, it was time to head back home. Lo and behold, his friends extend a welcoming hand back into their little pac. He dreaded this moment. Even while riding along on the monorail. Getting his feet anchored in school gave Daryle a new outlook on life. Yet his will was too weak to resist their salutations.

 But it wasn't until a real gun was drawn. Did Daryle(a.k.a. Michael) start reconsidering his actions. The weight of what he'd just gotten into leaned hard against his chest like a sheaf of briers.

 Later the leader of the pact(a.k.a. Wesley Snipes), takes Daryle to muck his first victim-A Chinese immigrant. But For once, Daryle boldly sticks up for himself. Yelling a resounding "No!!!" Then calls on the members of his own gang to demonstrate the true meaning of the word "Bad".

 According to the pop star. "When ya doin' wrong! 'you ain't bad-You ain't nothin'!" "When ya doin' right...Who's Bad!" "We can change the world tomorrow. This could be a better place. If ya don't like what I'm sayin'? Then won't cha slap ma face! Because I'm Bad!"

 Michael based this story on a true event that happened in New York in 1986. And was written by Richard Price. Directed by Martin Scorsese.

Lyrics | Bad lyrics

Other Mixes

Bad-Tag Team Remix

Bad-Skies The Limit

Bad-Instrumental Version

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