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Captain Eo

Michael Jackson Captain EO

To welcome the dawn of a new era, Michael Jackson stars in a short fantasy film "Captain EO". A 3D adventure Disney attraction. It made such a hit, Disney Land hosted the show 6 weeks later! All Other Disney from around the world followed suit.

Directed by Frances Ford Coppola and produced by George Lucas(Yes the same dude who helped produce both Star Wars). Thus, the similarities.

When I was a boy, my dad took me to Epcot Center(Where it was hosted in Walt Disney World Resorts) However, I can vaguely remember the show except seeing Lazar beams and pink fog while wearing those 3D glasses. I was only 7 years old. Besides, they closed the doors in '93 when they got earshot of those allegations(which we now know are false).

By this time, it's apparent he's really doing something to his face. But surely we don't mind. His amazing talent makes up for all that. Besides, Jackson used this film as a marketing ploy for his then upcoming album "Bad". One of the theme songs("Another Part of Me") eventually found a spot on the track list.

Demo Recording

The Making of Captain EO

Once Upon a time...

There lived a band of misfits in the sea of space. Lead by Captain Eo. Tired of listening to his demands, he so desperately wanted to split from his captain.

Originally, Eo had a cunning plan. Instead of conquering the Queen with open conquest, why not be a superconquer. One who overcomes from within. Deep down, he knew she was lonely at heart.

The general thought about it...Then said beat it!

After his many unsuccessful attempts EO thought it was time he'd take the shots. Quietly a band of misfits followed him onboard gift for her highness.

As they approached, one of the queens men shoots down the craft into the cool, dark, & misty atmosphere. Where her highness rules with an iron clad. Yet Hooter accidentally hits a button which luckily landed them safely.

The general now scoffed and criticizes his stupidity. But again Hooter clumsily smashes into the controls. Making him lose signal. He anticipated a reprimand only to be greeted with EO's smile.

Slowly they venture out what appeared to be a junk yard. With a gift in hand. Silencing second thoughts. Hooter sneezes. Clumsily tripping over a garbage pile.


Too late. One of her men heard the clanging and seized them at once. He humbly submitted followed with the rest of 'em.

Sheepishly entering her throneroom as her eyes piercing their souls with disdain. "What's the idea of trespassing my kingdom!" "Answer me!!"

"You, you see your highness. We've journeyed a long way to give you a gift."

"Yeah" said Hooter and the rest snorting his horn.

She was stunned at first. But quickly hid her emotions and strongly demanded the present. He presented a dancing robot. The plan started working. She was spellbound! Until Hooter broke the darn thing.

"Seize them!" She roared. Blazing with anger.

Black nights came to arrest them. Before reaching Hooter, he managed to get it goin' again. Which gave Eo the power to transform her comrades to street dancers.

Eo leads them into street dancin' procession. Unfortunately, the machine fails again. This time she has four horsemen at her disposal. With glowing red eyes, they encroached him.

Until gizmo came to the rescue.

...And so, Eo transfiguring these warriors, leads them once again into a poppin' street jam! The Queen, and her dark dark realm instantly transform into a beautiful lush paradise. The queen now became a servant-ruler. Most beautiful to behold. From head to toe. Inside and out. They calibrated with music and dancing. living happily ever after...

...O.K. so that's not how it really went. Here's your chance to see the real story...

Captain EO
Captain EO - Michael Jackson

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