Thursday, March 06, 2008

Michael Jackson-Off the Wall(Single)

Michael Jackson's Third Off The Wall Single also named after the album

In the Spring of 1980, his tittle track "Off the Wall" also launched as a single. The third consecutive hit to reach the top 10 pop charts. Making number 5 for the "Souls Singles Billboard Charts".

Rod Temperton wrote three tracks for number 5. Choosing this specifically as the song loosely related to one of his idols Charlie Chaplin. Michael and Quincy officially recorded this track a couple months prier to the albums release in August. The Seawood Horns(a jazz band) contributed their solos on the track.

Let me just close with this...

"Let's groove
Put that 9-5
Upon the shelf
And just enjoy yourself.
Now let's go livin' off the wall".

U.K. Single
1. "Off the Wall" – 4:06
2. "Working Day and Night" – 5:04

U.S. Single

1. "Off the Wall" – 3:47
2. "Get on the Floor" – 4:37


1. Album Version – 4:05
2. 7" Remix – 3:47
3. Remix – 3:59(found on Dangerous Souvenir Box Set)
4. Junior Vasquez Mix – 5:13

"Off the Wall"

Lyrics | Off The Wall lyrics

Junior Vasquez Remix

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