Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Michael Jackson-Rock With You

Michael Jackson's Second Single From Off The Wall-Rock With You

 Right after his first debut single "Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough", "Rock With You" comes off the launching pad November 3ed, 1979. This was during Discos prime. before New Wave and Dance Pop officially stomped it out about a year later. "Rock With You" would be the last you'd ever hear from Disco again.

 Rod Temperton, a member of the band Heatwave wrote all the lyrics for him. While Michael Michael solely created the tune with Quincy. Yet a recorded loop existed on a mixing tape from Rob as a nucleus for Michael. Temperton believed he was so good at melodies, he specifically choose this sound for Jackson.

 As a young teenager, Brandy Norwood sang her own version on Quincy's album "Q's Jook Joint" in 1995. Ten years later, Ashanti had her own take. Called "Rock With Me(Awww Baby)".

 The Visionaries made it rise briefly to number 16 in the UK charts on the very next year. Just recently, Michael gave permission for his sister(Janet) to use a similar title "Rock Wit U".


Rock With You Short Film

 With dazzling uniform and green strobe lights Michael graces the scene with his voice. Crisp and clear. Unadulterated by all those nose jobs a single accident caused. One of Michael's finest moments in singing history.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics


U.K. Single

1. "Rock with You" - 3:40
2. "Get on the Floor" - 4:57

U.S. single

1. "Rock with You" - 3:40
2. "Working Day and Night" - 5:04


CD Side

1. "Rock with You" (7" edit) - 3:23
2. "Rock with You"(Masters at Work Remix) - 5:33

DVD Side

1. "Rock With You"(Short Film)


1. Album version – 3:39
2. Album version #2 – 3:39 - (Some instruments are mixed differently. This version was also used for the 7"/Video edit)
3. Video/7" edit – 3:23
4. Frankie's Favorite Club Mix – 7:49
5. Frankie's Radio Mix
6. Acappella


 As you all know, this was Michael's original skin-tone. Before Vitiligo destroyed his pigmentation, he was considered a middle-colored black person. Yet beginning in 1982, he was forced to even out his complexion. To learn more, check out this post Michael Jackson Skin Disease.


For the best quality in sound, I'd encourage you to purchace and download the track below!

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