Saturday, March 08, 2008

Michael Jackson-Girlfriend

Michael-Jackson's 5th and final single Girlfriend from the Off The Wall album

Only released in the U.K. This baby never got a chance, reaching only #41 on the charts. The B-side contains a track from the "Jackson's" "Destiny" album. Called "Bless His Heart".

Written by Paul McCartney. Of whom dedicated this song as a friend to Michael Jackson. Initially, it wound up on a "Wings" album "London Town"(a band Paul was apart of at the time). But eventually, McCartney gave Michael the album recordings to come up with his own vibe. Thus, a slow but fresh Disco Ballad was the result. Click here to listen to Paul McCartney's version.

During this time Paul and Michael developed a close-knitted friendship. You can even see them both fartin' around washing dishes nn the 2001 edition of "Off The Wall's" album booklet.

Unfortunately this bond lasted until Jackson bought "The Beatles" catalog(a.k.a Northern town records) around 1984. Paul encouraged him on the entrepreneur benefits. Then was floored when he actually pulled it off! Regardless, a reconciliation would soon bandage their past grievances. In fact, it was Yoko and McCartney who stood right beside him and defended him in court. During the infamous Michael Jackson Trial.

You can listen to three duets by these two legends on a post a did for Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney.

UK Single

1. "Girlfriend" – 3:04
2. "Bless His Soul" (with The Jackson's)


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