Sunday, March 09, 2008

Off The Wall Review Part 1

Michael Jackson's First Adult Solo Album Predating Thriller-Off The Wall

 On August 10th 1979, young Michael ventured forth with his first solo record as an adult. This studio album would result in sparking some attention to this budding 21-year-old. Especially since no other music artist in history has consecutively scoured four top 10 singles from a single record.

 Puberty is all past-tense by now. His zits had cleared. And neither Vitiligo nor Lupus had yet to rear their ugly heads at the pop star! Soon-to-be old enough to drink, Mr. Jackson was free to explore the dimensions of his imagination and convert those hunches into dance-ready pop tunes!

 "Off the Wall" made it to number three in the US for Pop and #1 for R&B the following year. Becoming the 37th best selling album of all time(right after his break-through with Thriller).


 From the Disco candy of "Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough", to the dance-infestation of "Working Day And Night", even those last two selections and it's eponymous track are sure to make you hum along and dance!

 The most striking cut in my opinion is "Rock With You". I Believe his voice was the most brilliant and crisp during this time period! Very similar to the stupendous delivery of Earth Song and Butterflies!

 Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney add their own Ballads to the mix with "I Can't Help It" and a fresh rendition to "Girlfriend".

 To Summarize tonight's review, "Off The Wall" is very much worth your listening salt. Right on par with his other albums-Especially from the 80's!

More "Off The Wall" tidbits

 My favorite tracks are "Rock With You", "Off the Wall", "She's Out of My Life", and "Sunset Driver". The latter being an outtake which can be heard on the first CD of "The Ultimate Collection Box-Set.

 Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Rod Temperton, David Foster, Louis Johnson, Susaye Greene, Tom Bahler, and Carole Bayer Sayer all pitched in to help make this studio album possible. Carole and Stevie Wonder both co-wrote "It's the Falling in Love".
Check out Quincy Jones discussion on producing "Off the Wall"...

Stay tuned for a track by track album review!

***Update***I've just finished the "second and "third part of a threesome-series on my personal "Off The Wall" review!

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