Michael Jackson Carousel

With a little plastic around the edges, "Carousel" has the sound you would typically find around that time period. With an Adult Contemporary appeal glistening on a Retrospective note. Even though it failed the test, Carousel was made to be more then a fly-by-night track.

The song was originally meant to occupy the spot of Human Nature. But as Temperton further analyzed, "It just wasn't heading in the right direction". "Human Nature" was believed to leave a further mark as the album slowed up a bit after hearing Billie Jean on the dancefloor.

The lyrics were originally written and composed by Michael Sembello(yes the guy behind the Flashdance soundtrack "Maniac"). Formerly submitted as "Circus Girl" Michael would later change it to "Carousel".

Only in 2001 did we get that outtake by one of three bonus tracks for Thriller's expanded package. But the full version didn't get released until October of 2008 via King of Pop-Italian Edition.

Now here is "Carousel" in full with lyrics to sing along...

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