Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Michael Jackson-Shout

Neatly tucked away as a B-Side to Michael Jackson's Cry single, "Shout" was rejected in favor of 2000 Watts(both with ulterior vocals) from the Invincible sessions. The fella lead-singing the chorus is none other then Rodney Jenkins. Who's been working with "The Gloved One" since the early 90's alongside "New Jack Swing" innovator Teddy Riley and his brother Bottrel.

It's been a tradition for many years. Artists would throw in a slow number or insert an outtake as a filler. Making it a b-side(back-side) to give clients their monies worth. Now let's look into "shout" more closely.

If "Privacy" weren't enough, "Shout" goes to show you Michael still loves his Heavy Medal Rock. Even going as far to tear down the boundaries with Rap. Thereby merging two distinct music genres into one. You could almost even make out the percussion of "Mind Is The Magic" towards the end. The chorus is loosely taken from the Isley Brothers 1963 hit, also by the name of "Shout".

Again like "2000 Watts", the refrain is noticeably different. You don't hear your typical Jacko sound-alike echoes. His vocals are quite raspy while using the lowest octaves possible. The Rap is song super in sonic speed. Yet the words are quite meaningful and very intelligent(unlike the garbage you hear from the radio today). Towards the finale, he concludes with a heavy metal guitar solo(something very much what Jimmy Hendricks would do).

Personally, I believe "Shout" goes along well with "Cry's" theme. How "we all must unite". That way we can "turn darkness(torture) to light(good causes)" and pray to God for peace(Cry). Then do our parts to "change the world".

Shout - Michael Jackson

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