Michael Jackson Ride with Me

Rodney Jerkins produced an album in the late 90's full of instrumentals geared towards artists to add some lyrics and even alter up a bit. One such example is Bandy Norwood's track "It's Not Worth It" on her 2002 album "Fullmoon".

Well on track number seven of "Versatility", Rodney sampled a vocal from Michael Jackson's archives and inserted a smooth easy-listening piece of Jazz into the mix. Namely "Ride With Me" with a short intro by Rodney. Contrary to what you might of heard, this track was never meant for Michael Jackson's "Invincible" Album. Michael(who owns 50% of Sony ATV) gave her permission to use the track as a returning favor of singing backup for "Unbreakable".

I loved the sound of the Funky guitar and soothing percussion. However the beat in my opinion was a little too fast for the flow. Not to mention a bit synthetic compared to the other sounds on the track. But overall, I'd let it ride since it's not meant as an official release as is.

Ride With Me (ft Michael Jackson) - Rodney Jerkins

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