Tuesday, March 01, 2011

MJ All In Your Name

 Recently, Berry Gibb(formally known as one of the Bee-Gees) released a snippet of him and Michael Jackson singing "All In Your Name"-an unreleased gem started around the mid 80's but picked up again around 2003. Right before he was falsely charged with you know what(had this not happened, the track would've made the incomplete album slated for 2004).

 Furthermore, he plans on leaking the full version real soon. Stay tuned for further updates! In the meantime watch for my post on Thursday as I have another book review!

*Update* In case your wondering what "All In Your Name" means. Well, according to Gibb it's all for the cause of the fans(at least indirectly). Berry has just released a brief snippet of behind-the-scenes studio footage(which is reportedly up to two hours long) of them rehearsing this work of art! Watch and listen below...

[[**Update** The single has now been released of it's entirety. More details can be found Here!]]

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