Michael-Diary of A Fan

 June 25th, 2009 will forever be a cliche in the mind of every Michael Jackson fan across the face of this Earth. And for good reason too! The unthinkable had just occurred. Our idol had just passed away on account of patient malpractice(and addiction).

 In "Michael-Diary of A Fan", Franck takes us on a journey through his personal life after this most tragic event. Weather by paying his respects, popping more pills, or even traveling around the world in an attempt to run from himself, his spirit would always come back to haunt him. Weather he visited the basilicas of Moscow, the parading rhythm of Spain, or even the organized routs of Tokyo. He just could not escape deaths cold grip upon his soul. Not until he confronted the monsters in his closet could Frank hope to allow MJ to R.I.P.

 Although the book is littered with grammatical errors, I find his journey pretty intriguing. He even admits(to his credit) that some fans are just too fanatical(even to the point of making him out to be a god). His drawings of the King of Pop are superb(I wish I could draw like that). If you are looking for an extra novel to read in your spare time, then I recommend "Michael-Diary of A Fan"! Click below to purchase a copy...

Michael, diary of a fanFranck Vidiella's novel Michael Diary of a Fan

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