New Album and DVD Due This November!

 The hiatus is over! It appears a new studio album compilation filled with mostly recent never-before-heard material will surface just in time for Christmas. Title, artwork, and track listing(possibly 10-14) have not been elaborated. However, an updated form of "Another Day" is still expected to at least surface on the album. No word yet if "Hold My Hand" will make the cut(edit: now it's confirmed as the leading single).

Edit: The album is simply entitled "Michael"(odd) and will not be available until December 14th. You can pre-order it below:

 A new three DVD set entitled "Michael Jackson Vision" is set to launch around November 22! Containing all his music videos plus the never before seen short film One More Chance(not to mention previously released yet unobtainable music videos upon the third disc)!

Edit: It's finally been released and is available to purchase below:

 All this and a new video game "Michael Jackson: The Experience" will surly give you a ray of cheer this holiday season(the PS3 version won't hit shelves until March 2011 though)! On top of that, a second album full of unreleased goodies is planned for next year(some say it's an extension to the first album)...Stay tuned!

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