MMORPG Michael Jackson Style!

Planet Michael a MPORPG is due out late next year(2011)

 It just keeps getting better and better! SEE Virtual Worlds has now just announced their collaboration with The Estate to create a Massive Multi Player Online Role Playing Game centered around the King of Pop! This social Networking site will be a free-to-download virtual mixed bagage of everything related to his superego.

 Journey down Moonwalker Lane and have a Martini at the Club 30's. Or steal the kings vessal within the corridors of Pharoah's palace. Maye you ought to cool it and just fetch with Bubbles at Neverland Valley.

 But get this, addmission is free to all. However, if ya want to move up the latter someones gotta pay the bills. Thankfully the unemployment rate is low in Michael's realm. So there are plenty of ways to increase that revenue.

 Some people think this whole idea is absurd. But I feel there testing the waters to see how well celebrities on the gaming arena. If "Planet Michael" succeeds, prepare for the onslaught of virtual mascots!

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