A Michael Jackson Game For Christmas!

 Just last month UBIsoft had announced the incarnation of a new Michael Jackson video game just in time for the 2010 holiday season. The big three gaming consoles(including their portable counterparts) shall have their own version of MJ-The Experience! No word on the exact title as of yet.

 But we do know the game will be an interactive dance/karaoke hybrid. You will get the chance to simulate The Moonwalk(among other moves) or dance like a ham-right next to the King himself(the computer reads your body motion and will simulate your likeness as an avatar on-screen)! Plus you'll have the opportunity to warm-up those vocals on many of his smash catalog hits including "Billie Jean" and "Beat It"! But don't you worry. If singing is not something your well-keen on, auto-tune is here to save the day!

 To coincide with this game release, X-Box 360 is introducing a new device to hook up to your console-termed Kinect technology. A Microsoft device which'll enable 360 gamers to play with their bodies and not with their hands. PlayStation 3 will have their own "Move" simulation device attached to your controller. Nintendo Wii is pretty much self-explanatory(smile).

 By the sounds of a new album and video game, it now appears many fans will soon enjoy a Michael Jackson Christmas!

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