Sunday, June 13, 2010

Michael Jackson Remixes Pt. 13

 This time around David Morals, Eddie Delana, Maurice Joshua, Dallas Austin, Donatello, Uno, and UBQ all jumped in to remix Michael's 4th Album Track on his studio album History. Although "This Time Around" was not officially released as a single. The remixes can be found on the promos as well as the very first pressings of Earth Song. here is a comprehensive list of all the mixes that went into "This Time Around"...

1. D.M. Radio Mix(also on his remix album "Blood On The Dance Floor")

2. D.M. Mad Club Mix

3. D.M. Mad Dub

4. D.M.'s Bang Da Drums Mix

5. D.M. Clean Edit

6. D.M. AM Mix

7. Maurice's Hip Hop Around Mix

8. Maurice's Club Around Radio Mix

9. Dallas Main Extended Mix

10. The Neverland Dub(Aftermath)

11. The Timeland Dub

12. UBQ's Opera Vibe Dub

13. The Don's Control This Dub

14. Georgie's House N Around Mix

15. Uno Clio 12" Master Mix

16. Uno Clio Dub Mix

17. As a bonus, here is a rare mix not included on any promo by Donatello(I wish MJ used these words instead of what's on the official mix)!

Stay tuned for remixes to "Earth Song!

Update: Earth Song Mixes are now up!

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